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"When Cops Arrive, We're On Your Side"
Latoya Coleman

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"When They Nail, We Bail"

Owner: Latoya Coleman

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In addition to our sentimentality to those with love ones who are incarcerated in times of need, not only do we have superior services, we're here for the people and for their rights to freedom until proven guilty in the court of law. By calling upon us we will get you released in a hurry.
Coleman Bail Bonds is a professional bail bonds company located in West Palm Beach, Florida. We have state licensed agents to service the entire United States. We are available 24 hours 7 days a week. We pride ourselves on getting you released from custody faster than any other bail bonds around.
Do you think you may have an outstanding warrant? Whether it is a misdemeanor warrant or felony warrant our agents can help you navigate through the court system to smooth out the process and reduce or eliminate the time you spend in jail.